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Our team has written up some easy tips that any home or business owner can follow to get the most out of their driveway gate. Scroll down and have a look at what our expert advice.

Don't neglect your driveway gate opener

Like all other automated systems, your electric gate opener needs to be tested and checked periodically, to ensure its functional condition. If you have a Ramset gate opener or one made by other major brands like Eagle, Doorking or FAAC, you'll also have an owner's manual, which can instruct you on what to look for and which parts of the unit can use some lubrication or cleaning.

Look for signs of rust

Keep in mind that if your gate is made of metal, or has a lot of metal components, you need to check it for rust every so often. Prolonged exposure to the elements can result in this type of damage, especially in moist climates. Paint over any nicks and scratches to the wrought iron or steel bars promptly to prevent the area from rusting.

Check your sliding gate track

This hardware part is notorious for collecting leaves, pebbles and other debris that will end up causing the wheels to get stuck. Naturally, you'll want to avoid this type of problem, so check your sliding gate track at least once a week and remove any debris you find. While you're at it, inspect the track to make sure they haven't become damaged or warped.

Change worn parts as soon as possible

Automatic gates are complex pieces of machinery with a lot of different moving parts. When one of these parts fails to function properly it can affect the integrity of the rest of the mechanism. At the first sign of trouble, check, replace the worn or broken part to prevent the situation from exacerbating.

Install an additional lock

Your gate is the first line of defense for your property and extra security is never a waste. Consider adding an additional physical lock to your gate with a manual key lock. This will be particularly useful when you go away for a weekend or longer, or if you're worried about burglaries.

Choose a gate that will make your property look great

Choosing the right gate for your home or business isn't just about security. This mechanism can also contribute to the curb appeal of your property, and make a good impression on visitors. It will literally add value to your real estate. There are all sorts of materials to choose from, including wrought iron, steel and wood. If you're looking to have a custom gate built, get in touch with our team.


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