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Scroll down for tips from our experts on gate maintenance, replacement and repair.

  • Wear safety goggles or glasses when removing rust

    When scrubbing rust flakes, be sure to wear safety goggles or glasses to prevent rust flakes from getting into your eyes.

  • Replace Springs When Needed

    Springs are an essential part for gate openers. Gate hinge repairs require professional assistance and should not be done alone. However, springs require regular replacement as they experience the most wear and tear with regular use. But in replacing them, it's better to leave the job to professionals.

  • Should I get a multicode remote?

    These days, you can find a wide collection of different gate clickers and thus, you can choose the one which will fit you the most according to your needs. A multicode remote would serve you if you have multiple openers, but apart from the garage door and residential gate openers, the newest models can also control the alarm system of your car, the sun roof or the central electronic vehicle system. They usually have about four channels so make sure to choose wisely to enjoy its advantages fully.

  • Know Your Gate System Well

    It is best for your safety to know your gate system well. Your gate contractor who installed your gate should teach you the features of the device. Make sure that you are well informed on the features of the device and you know how it is operated either through automated control or manually when there is power failure or when the systems fail.

  • Importance of Gate Maintenance

    Like all other automated systems, the gate system needs to be tested and checked periodically. Usually the Ramset gate opener that was installed comes with a user’s manual. Always check on your gate opener to ensure its functionality and ask your system installer to make sure your device and gate system are in good running condition.

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