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About Us - Gate Repair Burbank

Looking at all the options out there, it can be tough to pick the right people when it comes to gate service.  That’s why it’s best to hire a company that does it all and has been around long enough to develop a good reputation – a company like “Gate Repair Burbank.”  What we lack in catchy company names, we make up for with professional and quality service.  We also believe that form and function are both important – your gate is the first thing someone notices when they come to your house, and not only should it provide security and safety, but it should also match the overall style of your home.

About Us - Gate Repair Burbank

That’s why we work with the best brands in the business to bring you that essential mix of style and substance.  We can take a look at your home and recommend the best possible residential gate installation, meeting your exact specifications.  From the smallest detail, like the type of remote or intercom system, to the overall look of your gate, we handle everything.  Need someone to program your intercom?  We can do that, too.

We also offer a full suite of maintenance services.

  System upkeep is a chore, and it can be hard for the untrained eye to spot small defects.  Why not let one of our trained professionals take care of it?  They can locate bent parts, broken springs, or rusted hinges.  The small amount of time and money it takes to replace those parts will pay off big time when you think about the kind of hassle and expense it would take when the whole system breaks down.

As the most trusted company in the area, Gate Repair Burbank brings decades of experience and a friendly, can-do attitude to the table.  We’re eager to show you what we can do, so give us a call now!


The electric gate openers manufactured by FAAC have been present in the United States for years. The company's headquarters are in Bologna, Italy. Its full name is Fabricca Automatismi Apertura Cancelli. It has been operating since 1956. The range of openers made by the company includes swing and sliding gate devices. They fall into three major categories based on application - residential, commercial and industrial. The manufacturer offers both electromagnetic also known as mechanical operators and hydraulic operators. Due to the great capabilities and the higher efficiency of the hydraulic devices, they are used primarily for commercial and industrial gates. The range of opener accessories offered by the manufacturer features separate receivers and remote controls with single or multiple channel operation. There are photo eyes and photocells on offer as well. The company has a line of telephone entry systems for home and commercial use. They offer electronic locks as well.

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