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Search no more! Answers to your gate repairs and door maintenance are found here. If you don't have a clue about the benefits of sensors, read more about this important matter here. Learn how to keep safe and how often maintenance is needed.

  • Can automatic gates be installed on a sloped driveway?

    Yes. While it may require thorough planning, our technicians are capable of installing doors on inclined driveways. Swing type gates are recommended as they can be fixed in such a way that they open towards the recessing direction of the slope. Since it is a methodical task, we suggest all our patrons to depend only on professionals.

  • Why should I go for an automatic gate?

    Gates are very useful. They increase the value of your property. Since they are worked out often, you would want to enjoy comfort, convenience, security, and protection with every opening or closing. To achieve all those goals, our gate specialists recommend that you have automatic gate openers installed.

  • Are solar powered gate operator systems better?

    Yes, and they come highly recommended by our experts. The advantages are many. First they are very energy efficient and help you save money. They are also reliable and have ample battery backup. Further, they are built using the latest technology.

  • Why are intercoms considered important?

    Intercom installation will reinforce security since you can check your visitors at the gate entrance and easily let them in by merely pressing a button. You can have cameras, which can also record, and so you'll see your visitors and have a two-way audio communication with them.

  • How often is maintenance needed?

    Gate maintenance service must take place once or twice a year. Though, you must keep your mind for malfunctions at all times. If the gate doesn't close properly or makes unusual sounds, gate repair will be required. If you live in moist regions, check it more often.

  • Can gates cause accidents?

    Today, most wrought iron gates have excellent residential gate openers with sensors that would protect people from getting injured. If your gates are old and do not have sensors, Gate Repair Burbank  informs us that they can be added and this way you can ensure your safety. Though, they need maintenance service often to ensure their effectiveness. They must communicate well with each other and with the opener. It's the best way to guarantee safety.

  • What is the use of sensors?

    Sensors were designed to enhance people's safety. Most modern residential gate openers embody sensors, which reverse the system if someone is standing in the way of the door as it closes. Your kids will be protected and your car won't be ruined if there is something wrong with the opener. Gate Repair Burbank informs us that newest openers also come with light sensors and a timer that would close the gate behind you.

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