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Search no more! Answers to your driveway gate related questions are just a quick mouse scroll down. Take a look at the following FAQs to learn more about this type of system and the different parts that help it work.

What do the gate sensors do?

Your gate sensors were designed to ensure your safety. Most modern residential gate openers use photo eyes in order to detect obstacles and reverse the system's movement if it looks like it's about to hit something or someone. It's important to check them periodically to ensure they're aligned correctly and that the lenses aren't dirty or damaged by small scratches.

How often is gate maintenance needed?

At least once or twice a year. Of course, that should be the minimum, and you should, by all means, inspect your driveway gate more often to ensure you catch minor problems early. If the gate doesn't close properly or makes unusual noises when it moves, it's important that you get the issue checked to prevent it from becoming a major malfunction later on. If you live in a moist climate, then it would be wise to check your wrought iron, wooden, or steel gate more often.

Why are gate intercom systems important?

Installing a gate intercom can reinforce your property's security as it will allow you to verify the identity of visitors, communicate with them, and easily let them in by simply pressing a button. You can also connect your intercom system to cameras to provide you with video imagery and not just audio communication.

Are solar powered gate operator systems better?

Better? Pretty much. They certainly come highly recommended. The advantages are many. First, a solar powered gate opener is a great way to save money and be more energy efficient. After all, the sun's warm rays are just out there waiting to be utilized. Some solar-powered opener units can also have a backup battery to allow them to work during exceptionally cloudy days or during nighttime.  There really aren't a lot of reasons not to get one.

Why should I go for an automatic gate?

Unless you like having to manually move your driveway gate every single day, there's no reason not to get an automatic system put in place. It can save you the time and hassle, and allow you to control it remotely, from nearby or from very far away, especially if you have a smartphone compatible opener.

Can automatic gates be installed on a sloped driveway?

Yes. While it may require thorough planning, our technicians are capable of installing gates on inclined driveways. Swing type systems are recommended as they can be set up in such a way that they open towards the recessing direction of the slope. Naturally, you should leave this type of project to professionals like our experts who can complete it quickly and ensure that the system works flawlessly from day one.

Should I get a multicode gate remote?

These days, you can find a wide collection of different gate remotes and clickers and therefore it's up to you to choose the one that will fit your needs. A multicode remote would serve you well if you have multiple openers, like one for your garage door and one for your gate, or if you have more than one of either.


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