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“Gate Repair Burbank” is an ever-growing, capable gate repair contractor, which keeps blooming and also offers garage door services. We know everything about gates as it is expected by one of the number one companies but rest assured that we have equally expert knowledge of garage doors as well. We offer services, which cover the simplest but also the most demanding need of every client. Our teams are fast, capable and efficient. They are also 24/7 and fully organized. We have the qualities you want in professional contractors and we offer you services for both gates and garage systems with one single phone call.

Expect the best services from our garage door experts

Garage Door Repair in BurbankWe provide nothing but exceptional services. Whether you want new garage door installation or the replacement of certain parts, you can be sure of us. You can be sure of every service we provide and of our efficiency to protect you by offering:

Emergency repair services 24/7
Our services are offered with great speed when the problems reported by clients are urgent. We have emergency technicians for all 24 hour needs and take care of open overhead doors, opener issues and broken parts as soon as we possibly can.

Garage door hinge replacement
We replace hinges and make sure the sectional doors are stable and all panels well-connected. We will also replace the hinges connecting the door to the rollers if they are rusty or bent and our service is quick and excellent.

Garage door spring repairs
Our ace technicians have absolute knowledge of all spring needs and provide excellent repair services. We are excellent teams for garage door torsion spring replacement and have the prudency to replace both extension springs when one of them is damaged. This way, we can help you spend less money and enjoy a safe, well-balanced overhead door. We come as quickly as possible for spring adjustment and make sure the door is lifted and lowered properly and evenly.

Safety cable installation
We install safety cables to extension springs for the good protection of our clients. We connect these special cables in both sides of each spring and pass it through the springs and so if it breaks, the cable won't let it fly against anyone or cause damage to the property. We are accurate and make sure the job is completed perfectly.

Broken garage door cable replacement
There are two cables in each overhead door and if one of them breaks, the door will sag to the side and won't move – at least not properly. This problem requires emergency repair and that's why our technicians will rush to fix it with immediate cable replacement. Whether you have extension or torsion springs, the job is done perfectly and the second cable is checked, too.

You have many reasons for trusting our services. They are provided fast, by experienced contractors, aimed at your benefit and safety, are completed perfectly and last long. We fix things to help you enjoy your garage door for long. For this reason, our maintenance service is extremely thorough and our staff is always here to provide consultation and assistance. Give us a call and state your own problem or any concerns today!

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