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Discover what our customers think about our professional gate services by reading their testimonials shared below. Find out about their experience with our company. You will get lots of helpful details on things such as speed, punctuality and overall service quality. This will take just a few minutes of your time.

Residential Gate Maintenance, Opener Repair & Hinge Welding Service

Commendable Gate Motor Repair

Initially, I was getting a loud noise when opening and closing my gate, but could not tell whether it was emanating from the driveway gate opener. Afraid that the problem could lock me out of my home someday, I contacted Gate Repair Burbank regarding the problem. As promised, a technician from the company arrived soon after the call and wasted no time diagnosing the problem. Contrary to my initial fears, the technician said that the noise was caused by the gate motor, which causes overheating. The technician then repaired the motor and advised me to get a motor replacement as soon as possible. Although I am yet to replace the motor, the repaired one is still serving me well, three months down the line.

Child-Proof Gate Safety Test

When my wife and I wanted to move to a better neighborhood, we wanted to make sure our house could handle our three kids. One of the things we wanted to check was if the gate was safe. We found out about Gate Repair Burbank through an online message board. Their online service made it easy to contact them even though our lives were hectic. They performed several gate safety tests, and where they found flaws, they made recommendations for the best way to fix them. Our children can play in our yard because we know that whatever happens, the gate won’t hurt them. Thank you all so very much.


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